DyMiXTM is a 2D physics engine for J2ME devices with MIDP. It simulates the physical enviroment using rigid body dynamics. Currently convex polygon shapes, segments and point-masses are supported by the engine. It uses fixed-point math so it's fast and works even on MIDP1 phones.
See demo or video to get better picture.

If you look back in the past of the PC games development you'll see only one person doing the whole game from programming to graphics to sounds. After some years when the technology advanced there were much more work to do and development studios were created. They were constantly growing until the technology was so advanced that it was nearly impossible to build whole game from the scratch. And so the middleware was born. Middleware (in game development it's usually called "engine") is a software which take care about things usually needed in game development (like rendering graphics, simulating physics or handling AI) and they basicly pre-develope a lot of things. A developer using middleware doesn't need to care about how to render things or how to handle collision detection. He simply loads data and lets the middleware work. I personally think middleware is the way the game development will follow.
Now if you look at mobile phone games development you'll see the same pattern. In the beginning mobile phones were really slow, had little memory and low resolution, so it wasn't that hard to develope "cutting-edge" games alone because the "edge" was near the bottom:) As time passed the technology increased and currently there is a plenty of free CPU time and memory in 2D games.
It's time to welcome middleware in mobile games development - here comes the DyMiX Engine!

The DyMiX Engine suits almost every 2D game from car racing to jump-n-run game. Every game has some objects which represent objects found in the real world and these objects should behave the same way they behave in the real world - move, rotate, react to forces and collide with each other! This way your game enviroment will be much more realistic and players will appreciate it. And this is what you get with DyMiX.

DyMiX Basic edition is free for non-commercial use. There are only basic features available in the Basic edition plus the DyMiX logo is shown each time you run the MIDlet. So it's more like a showcase how it can be used rather then a practical engine. After paying the license fee you will get DyMiX Full edition (or any other build which will suit you well) and you will be allowed to use DyMiX in your commercial project. If you are interested, contact me.
See license for more informations.

You might also want to check out my soft-body physics library for J2ME games called Bloft.

DyMiX Basic features

  • Rigid body dynamics
  • Flexible design, easy to implement
  • High control over the collision, exact collision points
  • Fast fixed-point calculations
  • Friction and restitution(bounce) simulation
  • Support for convex polygon shapes, segments and point-masses
  • Additional Vector2, Matrix2x2 classes and other math functions

DyMiX Full features

  • Support for fast-moving objects
  • Sleeping ability of objects saves CPU time
  • Support for tiled worlds
  • Faster collision detection culling
  • No disturbing DyMiX logo shown at startup
  • Joints